About Us


Muhlohloteri Trading & Projects (Pty)Ltd was formed by Miss Patricia Maimela in 2012. Patricia realized that the best way to contribute to our economy was through job creation and small business development. The driving force behind the formation of this entity was to contribute to empowering women and the youth of South Africa through carefully selected partnerships. 

Our Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer

Patricia Maimela (Founding Director)

Patricia provides leadership through effective goal setting and strategy planning. She evaluates and analyzes the organizations progress. She represents the company to regulatory bodies, civic organizations, donors and the general public.

Chief Operating Officer

Jabu Sikepe

Jabu is responsible for bringing in new projects and overseeing the completion thereof.

He identifies and negotiates with potential suppliers and distributors. His vast knowledge of Government procurement procedures is invaluable.

 General Manager

Alain Mutombo Kabeya

Alain is responsible for promoting sales and handling of government tenders.

He works closely with John in securing the best possible pricing and identifying opportunities.


Muhlohloteri Trading and Projects has a B-BBEE Status of Level One Contributor and has a B-BBEE Procurement Level of 135% contribution.

The company is a 100% black woman owned entity.

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